Client Education Seminars

Learning opportunities,   in a casual, small group environment throughout the year.

I believe an ideal veterinarian-client-patient relationship relies heavily on good communication and a client's understanding of what makes his or her pet healthy. The owner being able to describe signs seen in both normal and sick animals can help with diagnosis and treatment of a pet, and ultimately improve the outcome of a case.

Upcoming Talks and Seminars

Upcoming seminars and talks will be posted here when they are scheduled.

Past Seminars

Past seminars, location and topics discussed.


January 11, 2024

Montgomery County 4-H Horse Clubs
Path to becoming a veterinarian
Horse vital signs


March 21, 2022

Silver Pails 4-H Pygmy Goat Club
Goat babies and kidding

chamois goat drawing


March 19, 2021

Oley Valley Feed Horse Owners Workshop
Equine internal parasite control

miniature pony drawing


June 30, 2019

Animal Cracker 4-H Pet Goat Club
Goat vaccinations and requirements for Health Certificate exams.

angora goat drawing


Juy 8, 2018

Animal Cracker 4-H Pet Goat Club
Parasites in goats and how to do a fecal float.


September 20, 2017

Lane's End Farm
Performing a basic examination and taking your horse's vitals.


June 11, 2017

Animal Cracker 4-H Pet Goat Club
General goat husbandry and toxic plant identification for goats.


December 1, 2016

Silver Pails 4-H Pygmy Goat Club
Care and feeding of goats with hoof trimming demonstration.


Feburary 4, 2016

Bits & Pieces 4-H Horse and Pony Club
Introduction to equine veterinary medicine.