Pre-Paid Equine Wellness Plans

There are three plan bundles available for 2024

Pre-paid wellness plans save you over 20% off the regular price of these services. They also save in the long run by identifying potential issues at regularly scheduled exams that can be promptly addressed, which is good for both you and the health of your horse. Wellness plans lock in the price of included services for the year, meaning no unexpected price increases.

Basic Plan


Just as the name implies, the Basic Plan Bundle is intended for the horse that only needs the necessities in life. For a horse that stays mostly at home or occasionally goes trail riding nearby, the Basic Plan checks most of the important boxes. The Basic Plan offers the horse that does not need much the minimum proactive protection it should have.

Physical Exam

The Basic Plan includes two farm calls, one in the spring and one in the fall. On each visit a thorough physical examination will be performed to establish a baseline on the horse's condition, which should help to diagnose future problems if they occur.

  • Temperature
  • Auscultation of the heart
    • heart rate
    • heart rhythm
    • check for murmurs
  • Auscultation of the lungs
    • respiratory rate
    • check for abnormal lung sounds
  • Ophthalmic examination
  • Limb palpation
  • Dermatological examination (skin and coat)
Fecal Egg Count

Each visit will also include a fecal egg count which is a microscopic examination that determines the number and type of potentially harmful worm eggs present in a fresh manure sample. This will help to plan a proper deworming program that might include other treatments or confirm that your current treatment is adequately addressing worm loads in your horse.


The Basic Plan bundle also includes a vaccination schedule. Your horse will be vaccinated for Eastern and Western equine encephalomyelitis, tetanus, West Nile virus and rhino / flu in the spring (EWT+WNV+RF); and a rabies vaccine will be administered during the fall visit.

Prime Plan


The Prime Plan bundle is aimed at the performance / showing horse that is, due to the nature of its work, more exposed to outside horses. Whether through showing or interstate travel to various events, the Prime Plan covers the important yearly maintenance procedures that every showing and performance horse should have. The Prime Plan also covers your horse for USEF regulations that require a showing horse to vaccinated for rhino / flu every six months. A certificate will be issued to that effect to make you compliant and qualified for entry. The Prime Plan is also designed to set your mind at ease as the thorough examinations and preventative upkeep may help in identifying potential issues early, and should aid in keeping your horse performing at its own personal peak.

In addition to everything in the Basic Plan bundle, the Prime Plan includes a yearly dental examination and float, which is usually performed in the fall but may be moved to the spring visit if necessary. Good equine dental health starts with well-maintained teeth. Dental floating shapes a horse's continually-erupting teeth to remove sharp points and ridges that might cut into their cheeks or tongue.

Dental Examination & Float

Each visit also includes a thorough dental examination, with speculum. The dental exam checks the oral health of the horse to identify current or upcoming problems. Abnormalities including broken or loose teeth, soft tissue lesions / mouth wounds, improper occlusion and sharp teeth will be identified and noted.

The dental float will be performed by Terafloat® and includes any necessary sedation. Dental floatation aims to make certain that your horse's mouth is in good health by helping them to chew properly, and may aid them in being more comfortable with a bit. Proper equine dental equilibration also allows more efficient use of feed.

Coggins Test

The Prime Plan also includes a digital Coggins. A current negative Coggins test is usually a requirement for horse shows and a must for interstate travel. A digital Coggins is a convenient way to report the results of your test, as you can print them over and over without fear of ever losing the original during your travels.


The Prime Plan also covers your particular horse's deworming needs. Based on the worm shedding profile of your horse, either Equimax® or Quest® dewormer will be administered.

Comprehensive Vaccinations

The Prime Bundle covers your vaccination needs as well, and not only adds compliance with USEF regulations by including a rhino / flu vaccine in both visits, but also adds a botulism vaccination to protect your horse.

Senior Plan


The Senior Plan bundle is designed to provide comprehensive care and health monitoring for horses over the age of fifteen. Similarly to the Prime Plan, it encompasses routine physical and dental exams along with a customized parasite control program, Coggins testing, and vaccinations. A fall rhino / flu vaccination can be added a-la-carte, for those more actively traveling horses.

The Senior Plan also takes into account the extra needs of the mature horse by including specialized blood work to screen for problems with organ function, electrolyte balance and the immune system, in the form of a yearly CBC and serum chemistry. An ACTH baseline test will also be performed once a year to monitor your senior horse for changes consistent with Cushing's disease and to ensure those horses already being treated receive the ideal dose of medication. Those tests help not only to diagnose current issues, but to establish a set of normal baseline values for your individual horse that will allow us to identify future issues more rapidly.